Sunday, April 24, 2011



1)Whenever i walked towards the car going back home after working, i reflected a lot. "what i have done today" and  i regret if i wasted my precious, never comeback time by doing unlawful things.Things should be settled that day, but i adjourned it. Until i need to find suitable time to prepare myself.  That's why time management is very crucial. 

2) Lately, i find myself always defeated. I should avoid tv and be friend with books, journals, and spend less time in front of tv watching KBS. 

3)It's okay if we do mistakes, but make sure the same mistakes would not happen again. For 23 years, i've been experiencing ups and down in this life. Still remember, unsatisfied SPM result made me strived to the fullest during matriculation period. And undergraduate was like "honeymoon" for me. Now, the chance is given, hope i can achieve my dream without repeating the same mistakes.