Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Superior personality

Alhamdullilah 'ala kulli haal..
In the name of ALLAH,Most Graciou,Most Merciful,that create this world ,and every single thing in this dunya..and akhirah..eventually me..

Here are some steps on how to be a people with superior personality:
1)Keep smiling---this make people around u feel happy with u,even when u smile 2 sumone ,thy do not smile back 2 u,it's ok,coz u do it honestly,deep from ur heart,for example,a customer was angrily complaining about the bad service,but when u smile 2 them,at least they became a bit "cool"..
2)Do not tell the story about u too much 2 people around u(jgn berbobok,"bah kelate"--cerita psl diri sendiri)
For example>u have the dream of make very grand wedding ceremony,then u keep tell ur fren bla..bla..even u know that it is impossible for u to do that grand ceremony,and ur fren said"i think u have to think many times about ur dream coz it is outside your abilities.UNless u are very work hard to it.

so,let's do more action than talking.

3)Do first,then u can tell them..
If u want to do something,better if u do it first then u tell other people what u have done ,and the best is, people know about it without we tell them.And let join the jamaah solat.

"To have superior personality ,remind urself that there are lots of people more excellent than u"

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