Thursday, September 11, 2008


abe pu kak na

assalamu'alaikum.. hp vibrated..zeze..

then,with lalok2,i answered...
sempat tgk kat screen--"pjbt kak na"
and i know it was my sis...
and said to her 'sorry ,i slept and luckily i heard that vibration ..p/s--itupun dah 5 miscalled..hehe..
i'm really seorg yg tido mati...x sedar ape dah ,klu dah tido..
then we borak2 ,she asked me about mny things~my study,home,license,handphone,works....and hari raya..
she's gonna balek raya at her hubby home..we call him abe perak..

pastu ,dia nasihat suruh belajar betul2,...her words made my tears running down from eyes.....and her sacrifice to family..we talked ~more than 15 minuites..
i'm the one with easily cry whnever got problemmes n when sumone advise's automatically..same thing happen when my eldest bro.called and advise me n message kata smgt ..4 me..their advices like magic words that can make me have burning desire to study more n more...that the power of kasih sayang adik -beradik....act.i miss both of them..kak na,abe engineer and ustaz...;)

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