Wednesday, December 22, 2010

after final year project..


Today I processed  fat sample, 2 samples, i did'nt realized that those samples are from the same pt.But one consists of fat only(S1), another is subcutaneous one(S2),
Fuh, suddenly, got so many samples, i had go to OT for three times. But i love this hectic and super-busy day ( bit exaggerated) rather than sit down and sometimes got tempted by the mr cabel. Both of samples washed and minced  in ethanol. S1 centrifuged to remove erythrocytes and the solution below fat layer was discarded. S2 which do not contained RBC was washed in minced  in PBS. Subsequent step for both samples  was incubation in collagenase Type I + antimycotic for overnight. Other two samples which i got ~ 4 pm will be processed tomorrow and the steps after incubation with collagenase for samples i received today will be performed (count the cells,etc).
tak faham? baguslah, saya memang tak nak anda faham.

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