Wednesday, November 05, 2008

American people have spoken says McCain

Breaking news!!

Presidential election of USA result indicate that Obama had exceed the electoral votes >270 ,means the people of WH going to Barack Obama,who is mix of Kenya and America..The 1st ever black president of USA..Congrates Obama!!

But ,i do not understand why Bush do not compete this time.Maybe the system used not same with our country where our former prime minister hold for about 21 years.Because every time presidential election ,the candidates were not same.And they used President,our country Prime Minister..hoh..i don't know politics...=)
CHANGE,CHANGE,..the slogan neary same as Malaysia 12th election ..
Allahummansur ilislam fil kulli makaan wa zaman....Allahummaghfirlana ...
(why in exam week ,the frequency of updating blog suddenly increase ....hoho...)

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muhayniey said...

banyak pro-dan kontranya..