Tuesday, March 25, 2008

avoiding internet addiction

some guidance:
1)Be Honest About Your Time Online

Nearly all addictions thrive in secrecy. The consequences that addicts face - loss of jobs, relationships, and health - mount with the severity of the addiction.
And few of us want to reveal to others that we have been engaging in behavior that is self-destructive. However, an honest talk with a trusted friend about how much time you are spending online and its effect on your life could be useful as another person can be more objective about the severity of your problem.

2)Focus Outside Yourself

For people with addiction disorder, isolation feeds self-obsession, and relentlessly focusing on oneself only deepens feelings of boredom, sadness, and fear. Many addicts find that activities such as volunteering for charities or helping others help refocus and distract them, relieving the self-pity that only deepens destructive urges.

3)Be Responsible For Your Problems

Many of us blame our problems on our bad luck or how unfair the world is. The Internet, especially the world of online gaming, can be an utter escape from the problems that plague us. What are you trying to escape when you spend hours online? Are those problems made better or worse by the time you spend online? How many of those problems have you created yourself?
so,now pegi studi.!!!

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